What is the Real Cause of COVID-19?


Why is there such relentless urgency to vaccinate 100% of the population with an experimental vaccination containing nanomaterial?

A Summary of the Ongoing Research of the Multidisciplinary Scientific Team Associated with the LA QUINTA COLUMNA Platform.

Background information.

This research is Inspired by the investigations of medical doctor – Dr. Sevillano and microbiologist Dr Bartolmeu Payeras and more recently other large-scale studies discovering that there is a correlation between wireless radiation and covid outbreaks- for example,



Refer to world 5g map nperf. https://www.nperf.com/en/map/5g


A multidisciplinary team of Scientists and doctors connected with LA QUINTA COLUMNA sought to understand what was causing Covid 19. They were approached by a medical doctor who also specialised in magnetotherapy. She observed that some of her patients were experiencing magnetism at the point of inoculation. A medical doctor associated with LA QUINTA COLUMNA then petitioned people to share their videos and testimonies of this magnetism after inoculation online. There was an unprecedented response to this petition with people sharing videos from all over the world of friends and family members manifesting this magnetic phenomenon.

The team began to research what could be causing this magnetism. They discovered by extensively studying published scientific literature that graphene oxide was the material whose properties correlated as a probable cause of this exacerbated magnetism. Coincidentally Ricardo Delgado, a Biostatician and director of LA QUINTA COLUMNA discovered that some of the directors of AstraZeneca were also working for the Graphene Flagship project, an initiative currently funded to the tune of 2 billion Euro by the European union. https://graphene-flagship.eu

The team sought to scientifically examine vials of the vaccines to ascertain whether their hypothesis that the vaccines contain the radio malleable poison graphene oxide was true. Graphene oxide is a super conductor of electricity and is radio malleable. Initially Dr Pablo Campra Madrid, an associate professor in a public university in Spain with a PhD in Chemistry, conducted a scientific analysis of a vaccine vial and discovered material compatible with Graphene oxide in one of the vaccine vials. He then proceeded to do a more extensive Scientific investigation of a larger sample of vaccines from the four major Covid vaccines brands being administered in Western Europe and worldwide.Using Micro Raman Spectroscopy, Dr Campra discovered conclusive evidence of graphene oxide in vaccines produced by AstraZeneca, Janssen, Pfizer and Moderna. This professional research is linked below and available on Research Gate.


LA QUINTA COLUMNA have conducted further research into the presence of this undeclared poison graphene oxide in the vaccines. This video is a summary of the ongoing research conducted to date.

The following are some of the articles referred to in this presentation.





Graphene toxicity – reports and scientific publications


Beate Bahner a German medical lawyer has just issued this urgent message regarding the presence of nanotechnology in the vaccines.

German academic with a PhD in chemistry Dr Noack referred to the Micro Raman Spectroscopy analysis of a range of vaccine vials by Associate professor Dr. Pablo Campra in a video presentation just a few hours before his recent “untimely” death.

Scientists around the world are sounding the alarm about the dangers of wireless radiation. The fact that graphene oxide amplifies the effect of wireless radiation is deeply concerning.

For more in-depth analysis LA QUINTA COLUMNA (The Fifth Column) is sharing this information and other Scientific reference papers regarding this topic on their website laquintacolumna.com. This information is being translated into nine languages and can be found at Laquintacolumna International telegram page. This material is of urgent public interest due to the unequivocal evidence of the undeclared poison graphene oxide in the vaccine vials.


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